What we do
TemplatePicks is dedicated to searching the internet for the latest and greatest templates for the world’s most popular blogging platforms, CMSs, and more. We are a trusted and unbiased source for templates used by thousands of people worldwide to start building their online presence. With countless hundreds of thousands of themes and template offered online it can be very hard to filter through them to find the exact theme that represents your business, brand or personality. We build lists of templates for WordPress, Joomla, HTML5 websites, Bootstrap, and Photoshop. We offer this service completely for free for your benefit.

Who we are
We are a small team of developers and designers with well over a decade of joint experience in the theme and template industry. Between us we have also developed several hundred templates for a range of platforms. Our experience in this marketplace has given us a great knowledge and insight into what makes an amazing template and what sets it apart from a poor one. We also understand that even the slightest change in design or functionality can completely change whether a template is good for your specific website; what good is a template that can’t be translated is you have an international audience?

Why use us
We give an entirely unbiased view of what makes a good template. We also cover a much larger range of platforms than most websites. We are frequently updating our lists so It’s worth checking back frequently for new ideas if you’re looking to update your website. We are confident that we can supply the best WordPress themes, top Joomla templates, and popular Photoshop templates!

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