15+ Best Free Joomla Templates

The complexity of Joomla is hard to achieve with other similar platforms. The innovative content management system is developed and updated with an amazing rapidity. It leaves no room for mistakes, while the vibrant community makes you feel like there is nothing to feel concerned about. Everyone has the possibility to obtain an exclusive website with just a few clicks and a little experience during the customization. But then, aside from the actual content and small details that may affect the functionality, one factor is more important than anything else for most users. The template or theme is the one and only thing that can draw some positive attention or just chase your visitors away.

Using free Joomla templates

These are some of the best free Joomla templates. A template is designed from scratch by someone else. You just have to install it and change the appearance of your website to 180 degrees. The results are astonishing. However, a lot of people are afraid of free themes because they expect functionality issues or even design flaws. Fortunately for you, these themes have been selected with quality in mind. They are simply perfect and come from reputable developers who provide continuous and constant support round the clock.

1. JSN Boot

JSN Boot is our first Joomla! template that comes in free edition only. You will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the outstanding features which are made exclusively for professional edition of template. JSN Boot looks great with any website due to its easy-to-customize layout.

2. Nuance

Nuance is a truly multi-purposed design, suitable for corporate, creative or other web environments. The transparent nature of the template allows the background colors to bleed through to the forefront, to complement and embellish your content.

3. Tessellate

Tessellate is a sharp, elegant and refined template. It is designed to not only enrich your content, but also to provide an overall artistic base, with animated extras, to impress your visitors, and best reflect the primary focus of your site.

4. Plethora

Plethora is the perfect platform for displaying vast amount of content in a coherent and integrated manner. The template is ideal for news, magazine or similar content driven sites, whilst still being visually and functionally flexible for other types.

5. Grunge

Grunge, the June 2010 Free GPL release, is the second free template to take advantage of the Gantry Framework, and is outfitted with a sophisticated, artistic and professional design, in conjunction with a powerful, flexible and feature rich core framework.

6. Quasar

Quasar is the first Free / GPL template released by RocketTheme to be built with the new Gantry Framework 2.0, that made its initial debut with Dominion Jan 10.

7. Eximium

Eximium Joomla Template is our first Yjsg v2 Joomla Template Framework based theme.To live up to it es extraordinary name, Eximum is engineered for every possible website layout, great speed and remarkable flat design.

8. Baseline

This blazing fast Free Joomla template will demonstrate the best features of YJSG template framework. Baseline comes with responsive layout , 3 template styles , custom module styles, additional team page and custom style for YJ Module Engine.

9. YouGrids

Dear members and visitors, YouJoomla Proudly Presents YouGrids. First Joomla! Template Based on YjSimpleGrid Joomla! Template framework. Loaded with full set of YJSG features, 3 beautiful styles and unique layout options. YouGrids is free Joomla! template and it can be adapted to any web concept. This template is compatible with Joomla 1.5 Joomla 1.6 Joomla 1.7 Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x.

10. YouBubble

It is time to give back! You!Joomla Team is presenting You!Bubble Free Joomla Template. Build with only 3 images totaling in 23KB image size. Stylish WEB 2.0 template that will make an impression on you visitors. Build with strong Joomla Templates Framework that is completely cross browser compatible. You!Bubble template framework comes with default You!Joomla template features.

11. foodworld

Best Free Joomla Template

12. Qualify

Qualify is a free joomla 3.x template designed by xswebdesign. It looks unique and had a lot of module positons

13. Interior Design

100% responsive Joomla 3.x template. There is a nice slideshow, built in social buttons, to top button, custom slogan and much much more. Get this template for free.

14. FrontOffice

Great Joomla Template for business website. This template is absolutely free, you don et have to pay anything. Sleek 100% responsive design with some great features inside.


This Joomla 3.x template is perfect for any school, education, college related website or any site that need a nice orange design.

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