12+ Best Free Magento Themes

Magento is one of the dominating names in the world of ecommerce. It represents one of the most popular ecommerce content management systems in the world. It comes with all kinds of features and possibilities. It takes more time to set this program up than to actually install it. You have all the features required to run a professional store, whether it comes to checkouts, shopping carts, special offers, promotions, details and payment methods. However, there is one thing that you do not have – the perfect template. While Magento is fully professional when it comes to its functionality, the truth is that you do not want your website to look like hundreds of other similar websites.

Improve your Magento store today

These are among the best free Magento themes. The fact that they are free makes them even better. The quality standards are maintained high due to the popularity of this CMS, so the templates are alike. They will not interfere with the functionality of this CMS though. Whether you leave the default theme or you get a different one, the only change is in the appearance. Fortunately for you, these themes are tested upfront. They come from reliable developers with a proven experience in this field.

1. Quasar

Quasar Free is the first Free GPL theme released by RocketTheme for Magento. The free version comes with 2 extensions, HomepageTabs and CmsCallouts, both styled to match the theme, and giving you a taste of what our Magento Club Themes offer.


Fully Responsive Magento theme. A perfect solution for your online store can rock on any web platforms and mobile devices, wide screen resolutions or narrow viewports.


The best free Magento theme. Purity is a simple but very clean and professional theme where users can do a lot of customization with a few simple steps.

4. Mordern

Free Mordern is is a nice and clear design template for magento ecommerce site. It is suite for many kind of webshop as electronic, mobile...

5. Flower Shop

Flower Shop is a tastefully magento theme which can be flexibly applied to flower of all kinds. It currently has 2 colored skins: green and yellow.

6. AZ Shop

AZ Shop is an elegantly magento theme which can be used for fashion products of all kinds. It has 2 main skins for shopkeepers to choose: stylish pink and mild white. This theme can be exclusively applied to each fashion item such as apparel, footwear, bags and other accessories.

7. mTech

The development of technology has increased the number of hi-tech products as well as the variety of hi-tech web-shop. In order to catch up the trend and meet customers need, MageWorld launches mTech along with mApple and mHitech being released some months ago.

8. mPOP

Free POP is a simple, nice and clear theme for magento ecommerce site. It is suite for many kind of webshop as CD, DVD, Music, Movie...More important, it is upgraded by our experienced experts to fully compatible with all Magento versions.

9. mMagezon

With the purpose of support your e-business for free, Mage-World is glad to introduce new free theme Magezon.

10. mEbay

Free theme mEbay it is with clean look and user friendly performance.

11. mAppliances

This template has the pink-grey color scheme with white background what makes it friendly and simple but professional. In addtition, on the main page all the new products are listed that helps you to manage promos and attract visitors’ attention.These qualities make this appliance theme the perfect solution for the seller who want to provide their buyers with outstanding goods and services.

12. Jewelry

Jewelry Theme is one of the most impressive designs for your online jewelry stores. Professionally developed, we offer you not only the highest quality, but also the thought-out layout. Creative approach to the design will bring your website the desired bright look. Our web designers continue producing Jewelry Magento Themes and this page will receive regular updates. Excellent look with its black and white colors. Banners on home page are making store good looks.

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