10+ Best Free OpenCart Themes

There are no doubts about it – online or electronic commerce is the easiest and cheapest way to start a store in an overcrowded environment. The Internet carries dozens of millions of users. Each of them can be your potential customer. It makes no difference what you sell though. You can come up with electronics, clothes or handmade projects. In any of these cases, you need to raise to the expectations and welcome your guests with a professional design. Keep in mind that no matter how cost efficient your deals seem to be, most people will not have too much confidence if your website looks like it was designed by a tenth grade student.

Adding up to your OpenCart store
Here are some of the best free OpenCart themes. The themes will “dress” your online store into professional clothes. Even if you sell things from your basement, such designs will make your portal look like a large company. The installation is quite simple and does not need any advanced knowledge. It will simply adapt to your current OpenCart categories, settings and products. Therefore, this is not a complete redesign process that will take forever. Instead, it is a simple face lift that will leave your functionality intact.

1. Zerocart

Zerocart – Free Responsive Opencart Themes

2. zMaxcart

zMaxcart – Free Opencart Themes

3. Shopycart

Shopycart is a Responsive OpenCart eCommerce theme with a clean and professional look. It’s perfect for any kind of web shop. It looks great with all types of devices (laptops, tablets and mobiles)....


PRADA – Clean and Modern OpenCart 1.5.x Theme.

6. MobileStore

Mobile Store OpenCart Template is specially designed for Mobile devices. Garmonical colors combination of yellow and black for Mobile phones, Smartphones, Communicators, Cameraphones, Lifestyle Phones, Luxury Phones. Accordion Slogan Best decorate our store are our products. It is very nice with its clean and professional look.

7. OpenCart

This theme shows OpenCarts bloody side. It is based on the default theme, but everything about it is dark and bloody.

8. Rebe

Cosmetic Is a opencart responsive theme is good for fashion and clothing and gives a professional look to your store.

9. Infinity Gray

Infinity Gray Basic Default Opencart Template

10. Aroma

Aroma Is a opencart responsive theme is good for fashion and clothing and gives a professional look to your store

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