15+ Best Free Tumblr Themes

Established in 2007, Tumblr is one of those platforms that give you the possibility to share anything you feel like, without too much effort or hassle. It is a special type of social media that can easily enhance your popularity over the Internet. It is hard to compare it with other networks or content management systems. But then, it can be perfectly described as a good combination of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. In other words, it is excellent for both business and personal purposes. However, Tumblr has one serious minus. Most people feel disappointed with default themes. When thousands of websites look alike, you definitely want something else.

Making the difference with a new Tumblr theme
Here are a few of the best free Tumblr themes. The themes come to enhance your blogging possibilities. Tumblr is said to be the easiest way to blog, but definitely not the “most beautiful” one. Fortunately, these themes come to change the skin of your website. Everything adopts a brand new appearance, from backgrounds, buttons to lines and text styles. The new theme will not change your content, links or buttons though, so there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, since these themes are free, you can change them on a regular basis too.

1. Sonic

Sonic is a bold, rock-influenced theme designed to give your band a fun way to stay in touch with fans, broadcast upcoming tour dates, share concert photos, and promote new songs. Sonic supports all of Tumblr’s media types, and also lets you link up your Twitter feed, Myspace and Facebook pages, and Last.fm profile to keep everyone in the loop.

2. Fluid

Fluid is for everyone. With over a million installs in over a dozen countries, it is Tumblr is most popular theme and for good reason. Now in it is second incarnation, Fluid Neue features totally rebuilt audio and photoset mechanics, upgraded framing and shadows, integrated Twitter, Instagram and Flickr feeds, and the slickest share widget ever made. And, as always, it is totally free.

3. Club Monaco

Introducing the official Club Monaco Theme - the international lifestyle brand that designs fashion and accessories for men & women. Create & experience your own Fashion Lookbook.

4. Lookbook

Lookbook is a visual theme for curators and creators. It was designed from the beginning to look great on tablet and mobile and features full touch control.

5. Paper Stacks

Paper Stacks, the first Tumblr theme designed for touch. Developed in collaboration by FiftyThree and ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Paper Stacks is a beautiful new way to showcase your ideas and inspiration discovered across the web.

6. Calypso

Calypso - A video first theme that is fully responsive working seamlessly across devices.

7. Ethanol

Here is my fifth Tumblr theme, this is a responsive theme with optional things like top bar, menu, baseline, social links, infinite scroll, modal boxes, custom logo, and with a variant without posts footer…

8. Single A

The Single A tumblr theme introduces two new features: the sticky post and featured posts. It is a simple, but super customizable free theme.

9. Callisto

Callisto - Clean and beautiful theme for bloggers.

10. Tumbler on Tumblr

Tumbler on Tumblr, the Gotham influenced Tumblr theme that pays homage to our favorite summer blockbuster. A theme that would make the all the "I am the night" fans weep, download now for free and celebrate your seriousness as a fan boy.

11. Oslo

Oslo is one of a few simple, free, and minimal tumblr themes by themes that you like.

12. like-thunder-inthe-sky

like-thunder-inthe-sky is a strong and minimalistic theme. It is compatible for all post-types: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, Video

13. Berlin

This is the Berlin theme! It is one of the best themes we ve ever built.

14. Yesterday

A breath-taking grid theme.

15. Riptide

Riptide is a Responsive, Customizable, Multi-Column Tumblr Theme. With the support of all posts, every Tumblr feature, and over 100 Theme options, it is a theme for everyone.

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