15+ Best Games Website HTML Templates

While more and more people try to raise a web business, blog or simple website, the impossibility to code HTML is the main issue. Although it is easy to learn and represents the basics of every programming language, not everyone has the time to learn it and practice in order to gain some experience and some innovative ideas. When interested in developing a gaming website for your group or team, doing it by the book is even harder. Games today are very high in graphics and design, so you definitely do not want your new website to look like coming from the 1990s. This is when you need to research your options a little.

What gaming WordPress themes should look like

These are some of the best games website HTML templates. They are designed for gamers, so it makes perfect sense to be less formal and more focused on a virtual reality. They look scary, dark, futuristic and sleek, just like the modern gaming trends. The templates are done from scratch. All you have to do is customize them, which implies adding links, content and other plug-ins that you might need. The customization does ask for some basic experience, but you may also use programs that require no knowledge at all.

1. Game Devs

A beautiful and fun theme for any game studio, creative agency, startup or just your personal website.

2. Orizon

Orizon – The Gaming HTML Template is a theme for gaming, news and entertainment content. Created using the latest CSS3, it gives you the possibility of creating a sleek, eye-catching online magazine, blog, gaming or personal project site.

3. Game Addict

Game Addict is a theme for clans and gaming. It allows you to can create and manage clan wars including different maps, teams and games.

4. GameWorld

Gameworld has been a boom for template design industry. We have provided various types of theme for Gameworld and now here comes HTML Gameworld. It es been so successful for its visual and graphics, strong and powerful. Parallax effect and slideshow ensure the best display.

5. GameForest

GameForest is a perfect theme for gaming, news and entertainment websites. Built on latest Twitter Bootstrap. Template is available in 4 colors.

6. Games

Games Responsive Website Template

7. Games Template

Games Responsive Website Template


Game Portal Website Template

9. Oblivion

Oblivion is the ultimate gaming template. Created using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, it allows you to create awesome review sites or portfolios for your games.

10. GameCIty

GameCity is a unique gaming theme and one of the only gaming oriented themes that are flat in design, clean by nature and lightweight in functionality. Yet, behind all of this it’s powerful, easy to modify and expandable.


GAMEBOX Website Template

12. Game

Game Portal Website Template


LETSPLAY Games Website Template


GAMEMANIA Games Website Template

15. GameLine

GameLine Games Website Template

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