10+ Best Restaurant Blogger Templates

Creating a website for your restaurant is almost imperative. If you are not online, you do not exist. However, it is also very important to actually look professional and draw a lot of positive attention. Since blogs are extremely sophisticated today, most restaurant owners also include recipes, tips and ideas as well. Even if you do not actually own a restaurant, starting a blog with reviews or recipes asks for the exact same things. The content is not too complicated to come up with, but what do you do about the design? If it looks too cheap, your guests will naturally assume that it is run by a kid, so they will never even consider returning.

Looking more professional with the right theme
These are among the best restaurant blogger templates. They are developed by people with actual experience in this field and can easily indicate the purpose of your blog with the right colors, pictures and banners. The respective themes can be free or premium. Even if you have to pay for them, the costs are usually insignificant. Besides, a free theme will never compare to a premium one. Other than that, you should know that changing the theme will not affect the content.

1. iRestaurant

iRestaurant is a free premium blogger template adapted from WordPress with 2 columns, magazine-styled, right sidebar, slideshow and posts thumbnails.

2. Italian Food

Italian Food is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar, footer columns, slideshow, social bookmarking icons, posts thumbnails and gradients.

3. Italian Restaurant

Italian Restaurant Blogger Template is used for blogs related about Restaurant and Food Blogger Blog. It has a 3 columns layout with left and right sidebars, a beautiful header image, slider at above posts with title and summary, menu is a rounded corners design and read more hack.

4. Restaurant

Restaurant Blogger Template is restaurant design blogger templates with feature red color for basic background, food and restaurant design for main layout make it fast on browser, 3 column layout with left and right sidebar and very good themes for sites related about food and restaurant sites.

5. RestaurantPlus

RestaurantPlus Blogger Template

6. Food Mag

Food Mag Blogger Template

7. TheRestaurant

TheRestaurant Blogger Template

8. Recipes

Recipes Blogger Template

9. Pizza

Pizza is a free blogger template with 2 columns, right sidebar and exclusive design for Blogger.

10. Online Recipes

Online Recipes Blogger Template is professional cooking blogger templates with food design for main layout themes, professional cooking design blogger template, minimalist design make it fast on browser, 3 columns layout with left and right sidebar, 4 column footer for added more widget and very good themes related about cooking or food sites. Download Online Recipes Blogger Template at Blogger Templates Gallery.

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