16+ Best Technology Website HTML Templates

More and more people feel like they have a word to say in the world of technology, whether they have their own reviews or they conduct their own research in particular niches and fields. However, when it comes to creating a website, they usually feel discouraged because they have no idea where to start from. They know that HTML is imperative, but who has time to start studying it? It does not take too much time to become familiar with the basics and some simple tags here and there, but it definitely takes months of practice to learn what innovation truly means. Fortunately, your options are more diversified than what you can imagine.

How to improve your tech HTML website

Here are some of the best technology website HTML templates out there. They are sleek, elegant and slightly futuristic, only to underline the technology. They are perfectly functional because they do not interfere with any scripts at all. Instead, they do require a little customization. You will have to come up with button texts, add content, implement links or perhaps a few other scripts too. Make sure that you backup your work regularly and there will be no problems to worry about. After all, this customization is everything you need to do.

1. Studio

Studio-Multipurpose Video,Parallax,Slider Bg Theme

2. Roker

Roker - Corporate, Creative, Multi Purpose Theme

3. Hostmev2

Hostmev2 is a very powerful HTML5 Template with many features easy to edit for both, users without programming knowledge and for developers. It empowers you to change any color of elements such as backgrounds, texts, links, menu links, typography, etc. The main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines, so its SEO Optimized.

4. REHub

REHub is a modern hybrid theme with magazine, blog, review website, shop options. It has emphasis on modern style, content and has different options for affiliate earnings. So you can use it for different purposes: from standalone blog to portal with shop, review system, news magazine

5. Esy App

Single page Mobile app company portfolio website.

6. Applechic

Applechic Responsive Software HTML Template


IT Moto CMS HTML Template

8. OK


9. Ortox

Civil Engineering Moto CMS HTML Template

10. Industrix

Industrial Moto CMS HTML Template

12. Wirework

This is Wirework, a free, fully standards-compliant CSS template designed by TEMPLATED.


A clean and simple design with a pastel green color scheme. And random pictures of electronics, because why not.

14. Appcorner

Appcorner - Business & Technology HTML Template

15. MobilityApp

Are you a mobile applications developer? Need a small website to showcase your newly developed iPad / iPhone / Android app? We’ve got you covered. Mobility App HTML theme is perfect for those who need to promote it online and showcase their tablet app or smartphone software. With it’s one page design, out HTML template covers every area needed by such sites, and doing it beautifully while at it.

16. Hi Tech

Hi Tech Template, best for highlight your products and can be use for business or portfolio website.

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