Blogger Templates

Google’s very own blogging CMS is popular all over the world. It’s so easy to start a new blog on Blogger that it’s continued to gain momentum. Designing and creating Blogger templates is very popular and we’ve got the best Blogger templates right here.

20+ Best Cars Blogger Templates

Cars websites should tell you exactly what you are about to find in there without even reading the content. Such a blog should have a representative banner, perhaps a sliding banner too, as well as high quality thumbnails or featured images. The content must raise to the expectations too. You need high quality articles, as

20+ Best Technology Blogger Templates

A technology blog needs to respect a few unwritten rules. It must be updated to the latest news and innovations in this industry. Otherwise, your guests will look for faster and more reliable sources. Second, it needs to have a flawless content. Last, but not least, the design can make the difference. Technology related blogs

10+ Best Restaurant Blogger Templates

Creating a website for your restaurant is almost imperative. If you are not online, you do not exist. However, it is also very important to actually look professional and draw a lot of positive attention. Since blogs are extremely sophisticated today, most restaurant owners also include recipes, tips and ideas as well. Even if you

15+ Best Travel Blogger Templates

Whether you have visited a booking website for your latest vacation or you checked out the to-do things in a particular destination, you have probably realized already that a travel blogging website is supposed to take you to a new land. It looks and feels like being on a vacation, so this is exactly what

20+ Best Games Blogger Templates

A games related blog can be a very useful and interesting idea, whether you are trying to get some notoriety or popularity. Keep in mind that the gaming industry is extremely powerful these days. Therefore, gamers will always look for cheats, solutions, tips, calculators or guides. You can just as well focus on one game

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