HTML/CSS Templates

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It’s estimated that over ⅕ of websites worldwide run on WordPress. This huge popularity means there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes designed for businesses, e-commerce, photography & art, and hundreds more unique types of website. We’ve narrowed down the options into these useful collections.

20+ Best Finance Website HTML Templates

Finance is often associated with profits, business and professionalism. Therefore, when about to start a finance website, you better prepare your plan upfront. Make sure that you know what you plan to write about, whether it comes to tips, advice, guides or news. Other than that, you require a good functionality, no dead links and

20+ Best Cars Website HTML Templates

As a car enthusiast, it is almost imperative to run your own automotive website. There are a lot of things you can come up with, whether you plan to write about tuning projects, news, car shows or particular guides. However, there is one thing that might make the difference. Most enthusiasts can easily find something

20+ Best Creative Portfolio Website HTML Templates

With so many types of artists today, making the difference can be quite complicated. Whether you are a photographer, web designer, painter, sculptor or interior design artist, there are probably plenty of other people who do the same thing in your area. Therefore, in a world where more and more people look for the required

30+ Best News and Magazine Website HTML Templates

You have probably realized already that most news and magazine websites are biased, especially when they include political news too. This is when you decide to come up with your own realistic source of information. Or maybe you want to cover a niche that is not properly researched, such as gossip or science. All in

20+ Best Education Website HTML Templates

Education is essential and everyone seems to have a specific point of view, whether it comes to enhancing it or just expressing some ideas. A website might be your best solution then. Designing a website can be done for free. Its flexibility and complexity are directly responsible with your experience and knowledge. But then, this

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