WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It’s estimated that over ⅕ of websites worldwide run on WordPress. This huge popularity means there are hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes designed for businesses, e-commerce, photography & art, and hundreds more unique types of website. We’ve narrowed down the options into these useful collections.

20+ WordPress News Themes

120+ Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is the definition of flexibility, style, scalability and uniqueness. With thousands of plug-ins, widgets and social media integrations, it is almost impossible for two WordPress blogs to be identical, unless they are actually left without any settings at all. The content management system receives regular updates that boost its security and usability, as well

30+ Free WordPress Themes

No one can contest the numerous advantages coming with WordPress. It is free to use and download, with or without a hosting plan. The installation only asks for a few settings, while users can find thousands of widgets and plug-ins for a perfect customization. Five years ago, WordPress was all about blogging. Today, a little

35+ Best Finance WordPress Themes

There are a few solid reasons wherefore WordPress is such a popular platform these days. Basically, it is free and it has thousands of possibilities to customize it. It is open source, you can change the script yourself too. Plus, there are so many widgets and plug-ins out there that you can simply turn a

30+ Best Restaurant WordPress Themes

You do not necessarily need to hire a professional designer in order to help you with a culinary blog. Even if you want a website for your restaurant, you can do it yourself and save a lot of money. WordPress blogs have never been more advanced. With the thousands of plug-ins and widgets, a simple

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